29th March 2017, 11.16pm

I feel so lost. I don't feel neither sad nor happy. I just think I am stuck in this empty void alone thinking about everything and nothing. I'm not trying to be fake deep with this shit but this is truly what i feel. 

I keep wondering what am i supposed to do next? Everybody around me seems like they have their life all figured out. For me, I don't even know what I want. What will i be in 2 years time from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Its not even blurry or unclear.. I feel like there is no light at all. I can't see anything of what I will be in the future. I wanted to go overseas, that would be my biggest wish..but working as what? It sounds dumb isn't it? How can i say i wanted to go overseas without knowing what the hell i am going to do there. 

And this thing lead me to my #01 problem right now. What courses should i take for my degree? I can't randomly choose to study anything tho. I will regret it in the future. I need to find a course that can help me in the future. Ah..I'm confused. Wouldn't it be nice if my future self time travel and tell me what to do.